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Presentations, lectures & podcasts from the Edinburgh Imaging community.

2022 presentations, lectures & podcasts
01 Jul 22. SINAPSE ASM winners Congratulations to Dr Beth York and Dr Tim Morgan who both received awards for their presentations/posters at the recent SINAPSE ASM.

20 Jun 22. ESC Congress 2022

Edinburgh Imaging members will be presenting at the upcoming online and in-person European Society of Cardiology Congress.
03 May 22. ISMRM 2022 Edinburgh Imaging members will be presenting at the upcoming hybrid joint annual meeting, for the ISMRM-ESMRMB ISMRT.
20 Apr 22. ESOC 2022 Edinburgh Imaging members will be presenting at the upcoming hybrid European Stroke Organisation Conference, organised by Prof Joanna Wardlaw, Chair of the Conference Planning Group.
21 Mar 22. Deep learning in medical imaging lecture Dr Maria Valdes Hernandez gave a lecture in Deep Learning in Medical Imaging, which is available to view on the Edinburgh Imaging site.
07 Mar 22. Research Insights: Dr Adriana Tavares As part of the CMVM’s Research Insights series, Dr Adriana Tavares delivered a public talk on “Brain scanning – a lifetime in an image”.
2021 presentations, lectures & podcasts

13 Aug 21. Webinar: Prevention of Stroke & Dementia

Edinburgh Imaging’s Professor Joanna Wardlaw will be speaking at an upcoming World Stroke Organisation Stroke Prevention webinar.

21 Jun 21. Medical image analysis webinar

Edinburgh Imaging’s Dr Maria Valdés Hernández will be presenting at the IET’s “Recent advances in Medical Image Analysis” webinar.

05 May 21. ACC Annual Scientific Session & Expo

Edinburgh Imaging members will be presenting at the upcoming American College of Cardiology's 70th Annual Scientific Session & Expo.

23 Mar 21. RiiSE virtual event

RiiSE aims to highlight radiology & interventional radiology careers to medical students & junior doctors. This year’s virtual symposium features a keynote session with Professor Joanna Wardlaw.

21 Jan 21. RCPE Sir John Halliday Croom Prize

Congratulations to Dr Una Clancy on receiving the 47th Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh Sir John Halliday Croom Prize.
2020 presentations, lectures & podcasts

09 Dec 20. EACVI Best of Imaging 2020

Edinburgh Imaging members will be presenting at the upcoming EACVI Best of Imaging 2020 - a great opportunity to hear about important recent developments in cardiovascular imaging.

11 Nov 20. Harvey Prize Symposium

Congratulations to Dr Una Clancy, CSO Clinical Research Fellow, on winning the first place prize from the Harvey Prize Symposium!

02 Nov 20. SRS Autumn meeting

For the first time ever the Scottish Radiological Society meeting will take place virtually to celebrate 40 years of clinical MRI.

26 Oct 20. ESO-WSO virtual conference

Edinburgh Imaging members will be presenting at the upcoming ESO-WSO virtual conference.

14 Sep 20. RSM virtual meeting

Congratulations to Dr Una Clancy, CSO Clinical Research Fellow, on receiving both the judges prize & the audience vote prize for her talk at the Royal Society of Medicine Geriatrics & Gerontology Section virtual meeting.

08 Sep 20. SDRC Conference

Congratulations to Professor Joanna Wardlaw, Chair of Applied Neuroimaging, who was awarded the Scottish Dementia Research Consortium (SDRC) Most Published Author: 2019 Award.

07 Sep 20. ESC Congress 2020

Professor Marc Dweck & Dr Michelle Williams recently presented at the ESC Congress 2020.

24 Aug 20. Magna Cum Laude winner

Congratulations to Manuel Blesa Cabez who was awarded the Magna Cum Laude award by the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine.

13 Jul 20. COVID-19 & cardiac health

Professor Marc Dweck spoke with BBC Radio 4 Today, to discuss cardiac health in COVID-19 cases.

06 Jul 20. Dr Grant Mair & AMRC Open Research

Dr Grant Mair, Senior Clinical Lecturer in Neuroradiology discusses with AMRC Open Research, his research into artificial intelligence software in stroke.

04 May 20. EIF RIE on BBC tonight

The Edinburgh Imaging Facility RIE will appear tonight at 9pm on BBC Two's Horizon episode: 'The Great British Intelligence Test'.

02 Apr 20. Michael Stringer

Dr Michael Stringer, Edinburgh Imaging medical physicist, was interviewed by the Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) about MRI scanning in small vessel disease.

30 Mar 20. ESC Cardio podcast

The ESC Cardio Talk is a podcast series which features key opinion leaders in cardiovascular medicine.
2019 presentations, lectures & podcasts

30 Oct 19. ERS audit & research evening 2019

On Wednesday 30th October, NHS Lothian based radiology trainees presented their research & audit at the annual Edinburgh Radiological Society meeting.

29 Apr 19. ISMRM Award

Congratulations to Lucy & Wajiha for receiving the ‘Magna Cum Laude’ award from the ISMRM for their abstracts.

15 Apr 19. Heart Podcast

"Radiation - what cardiologists need to know."

25 Feb 19. Prof James Boardman

Inaugural lecture. The developing human brain.

06 Feb 19. Edinburgh winners at SCCT meeting

Congratulations to Edinburgh Imaging's Dr Michelle Williams & Dr Maaz Syed for being awarded the top prizes for their abstract submissions, at the SCCT 2019 winter meeting.
2018 presentations, lectures & podcasts

18 Dec 18. Celebrating DCN at WGH

An afternoon celebrating the long & illustrious tenure (since 1960) of the NHS Department of Clinical Neurosciences (DCN) at the Western General Hospital (WGH) site, was held at the IGMM (renamed IGC in 2021) on 29 Nov 2018. DCN will (at some point in 2019) move to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (RIE) site.

13 Dec 18. Prof Joanna Wardlaw

Christmas lecture. Brain Health: a small matter of the blood vessels.

12 Dec 18. Edinburgh Imaging Alliance event success

The inaugural Edinburgh Imaging Alliance networking event took place last night at the Informatics Forum, & was a huge success!

20 Nov 18. Karolinska Stroke Award

Many congratulations to Professor Joanna Wardlaw, who is the 2018 recipient of the Karolinska Stroke Award for Lifetime Contribution to Excellence in Advancing Knowledge in Stroke.

22 Oct 18. PhD Expo 2018 success

The annual Edinburgh Imaging PhD Expo event took place at the Informatics Forum on the 18th October, & was a huge success!

10 Oct 18. ERS audit & research evening 2018

On Tuesday 9th October, NHS Lothian based radiology trainees presented their research & audit at the annual Edinburgh Radiological Society meeting.

30 Aug 18. ESC Congress Awards

Edinburgh receives two awards at the European Society of Cardiology Congress.

28 Jun 18. SINAPSE success

A successful day at the SINAPSE ASM in Edinburgh.

30 May 18. Edinburgh Stroke Team success

The 4th European Stroke Organisation Conference (ESOC 2018) was held in Gothenburg, Sweden on 16-18 May 2018.

0​​​​7 May 18. Cardiovascular Imaging success

Edinburgh research featured in the first 4 places of the BSCI/BSCCT Young Investigator Award.

21 Feb 18. Being born early

Let's talk about health. The effect of being born early on children & you...
2017 presentations, lectures & podcast

25 Oct 17. PhD Expo Edinburgh Imaging

Event summary of Edinburgh Imaging's PhD Expo.

30 Jun 17. Edinburgh Imaging Symposium

The Edinburgh Imaging Opening Symposium, took place on 30 June 2017 in the QMRI, University of Edinburgh.

26 Jun 17. Prof Andrew Farrall

Inaugural lecture. Imaging: much more than a pretty picture.

06 Jun 17. Award to Dr Forsythe

Congratulations Rachael, for being awarded the 2017 Thomas J Fogarty Award at the Vascular Annual Meeting of the Society for Vascular Surgery.

08 Mar 17. Interview - Prof Wardlaw #IWD2017

The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) interviewed Professor Joanna Wardlaw, Chair of Applied Neuroimaging, Head of Neuroimaging Sciences & Director of Edinburgh Imaging at the University of Edinburgh, for International Women's Day, #IWD2017.

20 Feb 17. Prof Craig Ritchie

Inaugural lecture. Could a dementia-free world become a reality?
2016 & earlier presentations, lectures & podcasts

26 Oct 16. Lecture - Online stroke training

Prof Andrew Farrall today delivered his invited lecture "On-line Training Resources to Help Improve your Stroke Image Reading Skills" at the 10th World Stroke Congress in Hyderabad.

28 Apr 16. Prof Joanna Wardlaw

Keynote Lecture. One small vessel stroke? One giant problem for humankind.

12 Apr 16. Dr Tom MacGillivray

Lecture. Eye spy: advances in neuroimaging the eye.

30 Sep 14. Prof David Newby

Lecture. Air pollution & heart attacks.

26 May 14. Prof Malcolm Macleod

Inaugural lecture. Rigour Mortis: How Bad Research is Killing Science.

24 Oct 13. Prof Stephen Lawrie

Lecture. "Scanning for a Diagnostic Test for Schizophrenia".