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Statistical training

Links to websites associated with statistical analysis.

brain network

The Comprehensive R Archive Network

External website that includes R download, precompiled binaries, and R and CRAN  repository policies.

Website link (external website)


"Statistical Thinking" blog by Professor Frank Harrell

Professor Frank Harrell is a professor of biostatistics at Vanderbilt University (USA). His key publication includes developing a model on statistical modelling  He has an interest in machine learning which is a crucial skill in medical imaging. The blog includes useful information about data methods and links to some of his talks.

"Statistical Thinking" blog  link (external website) 

Professor Frank Harrell's key publication on statistical modelling (external website)


Statistical Methods for Diagnostic Agreement website

John Uebersax’s website recommended for alternatives to kappa.

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"The Pathway: Steps for staying out of the weeds in any data analysis" - free online webinar by The Analysis Factor

A free online workshop led by Karen Grace-Martin, delivered as part of the The Craft of Statistical Analysis Free Webinar Series.

The webinar presents the road map for your data analysis before you begin and stay on the path. Learn the efficient and straightforward way to do any statistical modeling – ANOVA, Linear Regression, Poisson Regression, Multilevel Model, or whatever else your project requires.


Registration with an email address is required.

The Craft of Statistical Analysis - webinar recording signup (external link)