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Dr Sebastian Lewandowski - Guest Lecture at Neuroimaging Sciences Monthly Meeting

16th June 2020

Dr Sebastian Lewandowski from Karolinska Institute (Sweden)
Talk title
"Perivascular fibroblast cells contribute to cerebrovascular remodelling and dynamics of ASL neurodegeneration"

This talk was given during the Neuroimaging Sciences Monthly Meeting, held virtually, on the 16th of June 2020.

We would like to express deep gratitude to Dr Lewandowski for accepting to be our Guest Speaker and present his work recently published in Nature Medicine - one of the leading journals in the medical research field. Congratulations! 


Lecture recording


Video: Dr Sebastian Lewandowski (Karolinska Institute, Sweden) presentation given at the Neuroimaging Sciences Meeting, 16th June 2020
Perivascular fibroblast cells contribute to cerebrovascular remodeling and dynamics of ASL neurodegeneration. Stroke, dementia, small vessel disease, Alzheimer's disease, neuroscience, neurosciences.


Associated publication

Månberg, A., Skene, N., Sanders, F. [...] Lewandowski, S. Altered perivascular fibroblast activity precedes ALS disease onset. Nat Med 27, 640–646 (2021).

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