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Publication date: July 2022

Publication title:  "Choroid plexus tissue perfusion and blood to CSF barrier function in rats measured with continuous arterial spin labeling".

Authors: Lee H, Ozturk B, Stringer MS, Koundal S, MacIntosh BJ, Rothman D, Benveniste H.



The choroid plexus (ChP) of the cerebral ventricles is a source of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) production and also plays a key role in immune surveillance at the level of blood-to-CSF-barrier (BCSFB). In this study, we quantify ChP blood perfusion and BCSFB mediated water exchange from arterial blood into ventricular CSF using non-invasive continuous arterial spin labelling magnetic resonance imaging (CASL-MRI). Systemic administration of anti-diuretic hormone (vasopressin) was used to validate BCSFB water flow as a metric of choroidal CSF secretory function. To further investigate the coupling between ChP blood perfusion and BCSFB water flow, we characterized the effects of two anesthetic regimens known to have large-scale differential effects on cerebral blood flow. For quantification of ChP blood perfusion a multi-compartment perfusion model was employed, and we discovered that partial volume correction improved measurement accuracy. Vasopressin significantly reduced both ChP blood perfusion and BCSFB water flow. ChP blood perfusion was significantly higher with pure isoflurane anesthesia (2-2.5%) when compared to a balanced anesthesia with dexmedetomidine and low-dose isoflurane (1.0 %), and significant correlation between ChP blood perfusion and BCSFB water flow was observed, however there was no significant difference in BCSFB water flow. In summary, here we introduce a non-invasive, robust, and spatially resolved in vivo imaging platform to quantify ChP blood perfusion as well as BCSFB water flow which can be applied to study coupling of these two key parameters in future clinical translational studies.


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