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Row Fogo Charitable Trust receives the Distinction of University Benefactor

9th December 2021

The Row Fogo Charitable Trust recently received the Distinction of University Benefactor status at the University of Edinburgh’s 2021 Winter Graduations.

“The generosity of the Row Fogo Charitable Trust has enabled Edinburgh researchers to better understand medical conditions including stroke, small vessel disease, multiple sclerosis and other disabling neurological diseases.

Established by Mrs Gladys Row Fogo in 1970, the Trust supports a range of medical research projects, as well as providing equipment for the care of older people and support for people with disabilities.

Since 2001, the University’s Row Fogo Centre for Research into Aging and the Brain has enabled clinicians to better understand the human brain. Researchers at the Centre are trying to better understand how the brain is damaged by blood vessel diseases, particularly small vessel diseases (SVD). Although SVDs are a main cause of age-related brain diseases such as stroke, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, there is still very limited understanding of these common illnesses and no effective treatment.

Thanks to the Row Fogo Charitable Trust’s funding of this work, we now have clinical guidelines for patients with SVD. Moreover, our research discoveries have contributed to our understanding of other common disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neuron Disease.

The University is deeply grateful to Mr Evan Cuthbertson for his long association with the Row Fogo Charitable Trust and for the support that he has facilitated for the University and many other worthy causes.

On behalf of the Row Fogo Charitable Trust, Mr Evan Cuthbertson receives the Distinction of University Benefactor.”


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