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New publication in Frontiers in Neuroscience

Publication date: September 2021

Publication title: "Fixel-Based Analysis Effectively Identifies White Matter Tract Degeneration in Huntington’s Disease"
Authors: Oh Sher Li, Chen Chiung-Mei, Wu Yih-Ru, Valdes Hernandez Maria, Tsai Chih-Chien, Cheng Jur-Shan, Chen Yao-Liang, Wu Yi-Ming, Lin Yu-Chun, Wang Jiun-Jie



Microstructure damage in white matter might be linked to regional and global atrophy in Huntington’s Disease (HD). We hypothesize that degeneration of subcortical regions, including the basal ganglia, is associated with damage of white matter tracts linking these affected regions. We aim to use fixel-based analysis to identify microstructural changes in the white matter tracts. To further assess the associated gray matter damage, diffusion tensor-derived indices were measured from regions of interest located in the basal ganglia. Diffusion weighted images were acquired from 12 patients with HD and 12 healthy unrelated controls using a 3 Tesla scanner. Reductions in fixel-derived metrics occurs in major white matter tracts, noticeably in corpus callosum, internal capsule, and the corticospinal tract, which were closely co-localized with the regions of increased diffusivity in basal ganglia. These changes in diffusion can be attributed to potential axonal degeneration. Fixel-based analysis is effective in studying white matter tractography and fiber changes in HD.


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Associated projects

This publicationis associated with the project titled "Sensitive behavioural and neuroimaging markers in detecting cognitive ageing": a collaborative work with the Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences, Chang-Gung University (Taiwan).

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