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New book "Hankey's Clinical Neurology" (3rd Edition) - 20% discount available with a flyer

A new book co-edited by Professor Joanna Wardlaw.

New book "Hankey's Cllinical Neurology" edited by Professor Philip B. Gorelick, Professor Fernando D. Testai, Professor Graeme J. Hankey, and Professor Joanna M. Wardlaw.

The book offers an up-to-date reference source in general clinical neurology. In addition to the anchor chapters on major areas such as headache, stroke, developmental disorders, dementia, epilepsy, acquired metabolic disorders and others, new chapters have been added to meet clinical demand. This edition features new chapters on neurotoxicology, neuroimaging, and neurogenetics including basic and more advanced concepts, a new chapter on population health and systems of care reflects current practice in team care, patient-centric approaches, and value-based care. 



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