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The Row Fogo Centre has welcomed a new international exchange student

Mr Yajun Cheng will be working with the SVD Research groups from May 2021 - May 2022


Mr Yajun Chen

The Row Fogo Centre for Research into Ageing and the Brain has welcomed a new exchange student. Mr Yajun Cheng is a Clinical PhD candidate, Department of Neurology, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Chengdu (China).


About Yajun

Yajun is currently a final-year PhD student supervised by Professor Ming Liu in Department of Neurology, West China Hospital, Sichuan University. He has joined the Univerity of Edinburgh as an international visiting student to study with Professor Joanna Wardlaw and the SVD Research.

After completion of Bachelor's degree in Clinical Medicine, Yajun started his MD-PhD joint study majoring in neurology. During his PhD study, he has been trained systematically in stroke research methods. He helped to manage his supervisor’s national scientific project focusing on the cerebral small vessel disease (SVD). This topic is  especially important because stroke was found one of the leading causes of mortality in China, and SVD prevalence is expected to increase as the population is ageing.


Yajun's work at the Row Fogo Centre

Mr Cheng will join the ongoing Mild Stroke Study 3 (MSS3), co-funded by the Row Fogo Centre and Fondation Leducq Transatlantic Network of Excellence. The key focus for his work is to compare the clinical and neuroimaging profiles between Chinese and British patients with acute symptomatic SVD (i.e. lacunar stroke), and to investigate the risk factors associated with SVD progression

Yajun visit to the Row Fogo Centre for Research into Ageing and the Brain  was supported by a generous scholarship from the China Scholarship Council. 


Very excited and honoured to work in the prestigious small vessel disease research group of the University of Edinburgh!  Looking forward to starting my project and contributing myself to the team. I'm sure the skills I acquire here will be beneficial to my future postdoctoral work.

Mr Yajun Cheng


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