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Mild Stroke Study 3 completed participant recruitment

December 2021

Mild Stroke Study 3 completed participant recruitment. The last participant was recruited in December 2021.

The study reached a total of 230 participants. Over the next year, the Mild Stroke Study 3 research team will continue follow up visits aiming to assess medical and cognitive aspects of stroke, including data collected through numerous questionnaires and medical imaging of brain and retinal vasculature. 


About Mild Stroke Study 3

Mild Stroke Study 3 (MSS3), led by Professor Joanna Wardlaw aims is to improve understanding of what makes small vessel disease (SVD) worsen. The study also aims to identify novel ways for SVD prevention and treatment.

Mild Stroke Study 3 website (The University of Edinburgh) 

Mild Stroke Study 3 Team

Mild Stroke Study 3 research team consisting of scientists coming from multidisciplinary backgrounds, working together to deliver best outcomes in understanding the mechanisms and repercussions of stroke. The team working on the Mild Stroke Study 3 comprises of highly trained clinicians, research nurses, retinal and MRI imaging specialists, psychologists, medical physicists, engineers and statisticians, as well as PhD and international students and research support, working together in a team. 


Principal Investigators

Professor Joanna Wardlaw

Dr Fergus Doubal


Scientific staff

Dr Michael StringerDr Michael ThrippletonDr Úna Clancy 

Professor Ian MarshallDr Maria Valdés HernándezDr Francesca Chappell

Dr Renata RihaDr Roberto Duarte CoelloDr Stewart Wiseman

Dr Susana Muñoz ManiegaEleni SakkaDr Carmen Arteaga-Reyes

Dr Ylenia GiarratanoCharlene Hamid Rachel Penman 


PhD Students

Jose Bernal MoyanoCameron ManningAngela JochemsEmily SleightDaniela Jaime Garcia


International visiting students

Visiting students


Support staff

The RadiographersResearch support



Fondation Leducq

UK Medical Research Council Dementia Research Initiative

Row Fogo Charitable Trust

British Heart Foundation Research Excellence Centre 3

Stroke Association


Recognitions and Awards

To date, the study team has successfully published several research papers. Mild Stroke Study 3 was presented at key international conferences and has received numerous recognisions.

Dr Una Clancy awarded the RCPE 47th Sir John Halliday Croom Prize

Dr Una Clancy wins the first prize for her presentation on the Mild Stroke Study 3 work at the Harvey Symposium 2020

Dr Una Clancy won the Judges Prize and the Audience Vote Prize at the Royal Society of Medicine Geriatrics and Gerontology Section

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