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Clinical research & trials

Clinical research - investigating the people affected by brain diseases - is a mainstay of CCBS research.

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Clinical research

We recruit volunteers for a wide range of clinical research studies, all designed to find out more about brain disease and how to treat it, manage symptoms or improve quality of life.

All our clinical research is approved and carefully monitored by the appropriate ethics committees. Involvement in research will never affect the quality of care given.

Our clinical research frequently involves our other disease methodologies, particularly:

Example current clinical research projects
Project Disease PI
Neuroprotective strategies for fetuses/neonates at risk of brain injury & poor developmental outcome (includes the Theirworld Edinburgh Birth Cohort) neurodevelopment James Boardman
Speak:Unique – voicebanking & voice reconstruction motor neurone disease Siddharthan Chandran
Cognition in multiple sclerosis: linked psychological testing and brain imaging (with Bak/Chandran) multiple sclerosis Peter Connick
Advanced ocular imaging as a window into the brain degenerative eye disease Baljean Dhillon
Structural & functional brain imaging in schizophrenia & other psychiatric disorders psychiatric disorders Stephen Lawrie
STRADL (Stratifying Resilience and Depression Longitudinally) psychiatric disorders Andrew McIntosh
Magnetic resonance imaging to examine brain function in Fragile X Syndrome fragile X syndrome Andrew McKechanie
Physical activity for stroke rehabilitation stroke Gillian Mead
Functional disorders in neurology functional disorders Jon Stone
Sleep disorders incluing narcolepsy, parasomnias and circadian rhythm disorders sleep disorders Renata Riha
Perivascular spaces in small vessel disease cerebral small vessel disease Joanna Wardlaw
SVDs@target cerebral small vessel disease Joanna Wardlaw
Mild Stroke Study 3 cerebral small vessel disease Joanna Wardlaw / Una Clancy
Rates, Risks & Routes to Reduce Vascular Dementia cerebral small vessel disease Joanna Wardlaw / Fergus Doubal
Contribution of vascular risk factors to dementia

brain vascular disease


Will Whiteley

Clinical trials

CCBS researchers lead or take part in many clinical trials, often large-scale international trials with thousands of participants. These trials are often expedited through our links with Pharma and our expertise in disease registers.

Edinburgh Stroke Trials header

Edinburgh Stroke Trials is an umbrella organisation that  manages academic randomised controlled trials initiated by investigators in Edinburgh, often in collaboration with others. The trials involve researchers and systems developed by the Stroke Research Group, Edinburgh Imaging, and the UKCRC-registered Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit.


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