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The MS Society Edinburgh Centre for MS Research is a multidisciplinary centre-without-walls funded by the MS Society, dedicated to laboratory, translational and clinical research into multiple sclerosis.

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The MS Centre brings together research expertise in multiple sclerosis (MS) from across the University of Edinburgh. The Centre was founded in 2007 with a grant from the MS Society, which was renewed in 2015 and again in 2021 with a further £1.85 million.  

Arguably the greatest need in MS is effective treatments to slow, stop or reverse the accumulation of disability, especially in the progressive phase. This is something that people living with the condition tell us continually. 

To give people with progressive MS the very best chance of finding a beneficial medicine, and fast, research within the Centre is focused on three areas:

  • understanding more about neurodegeneration in progressive MS
  • creating a drug discovery pipeline involving tests to screen drugs that may prevent neurodegeneration
  • improving the ways we can use brain imaging in people with MS, to measure neurodegeneration and test the effectiveness of drugs in clinical trials

MS Centre leadership team

The MS Society Edinburgh Centre for MS Research is led by four highly experienced professors.

Professor Siddharthan Chandran MacDonald Professor of  Neurology Profile
Professor David Lyons Professor of Neurobiology Profile
Professor Anna Williams Professor of Regenerative Neurology Profile
Professor Adam Waldman Chair of Neuroradiology Profile

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