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NEW EVENT 31 Oct 2023 - RCPE Brain Health Symposium

Understanding and promoting brain health as a key part of healthy ageing and dementia prevention. Our expert talks will provide a unique viewpoint of our current understanding of brain health, which will include discussions of emerging and controversial topics, including ‘Risk factor disclosure – what does the public want to know?’ and an update on Brain Health services around the country.

Topics covered at this in person symposium include

  • Brain ageing: the good the bad and the unknown
  • Unconventional risk factors and cognitive toxins
  • The drugs might work…

Our programme features a lively debate on whether dementia is truly preventable, which is sure to provoke plenty of discussion.

We anticipate this in person symposium being of interest to a wide range of doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals across primary and secondary care. 

Dr Catherine Pennington Chair, Organising Committee


Members of Organising Committee Dr Anna Borthwick Professor Andrew Elder Dr Emma Fletcher Dr Laura McWhirter Dr Martin Zeidler

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Oct 31 2023 -

NEW EVENT 31 Oct 2023 - RCPE Brain Health Symposium

The symposium will be hosted at the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, and will discuss highly topical themes on the subject of brain health and how this relates to future clinical practice.

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, 11 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JQ