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We are excited to start a new study where participants can contribute to research on Alzheimer's disease early identification without leaving home.

The SPeAK study uses automated speech recognition to administer cognitive tests.

Lady talking on the telephone

The Speech on the Phone Assessment Study (or SPeAk) study involves two testing sessions where participants complete memory and thinking tasks on the telephone. In the first testing session participants will speak with one of our study team to collect this data. In the second testing session an automated voice will speak to participants to collect the study data. Participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire about how they found the experience after each testing session. We will provide the results of the memory and thinking tests to all participants. Half will get the results immediately after each session and half will get the results only after they have completed the whole study. We will be using the speech data to see if we can predict people at risk for Alzheimer's disease. To do this we will be taking data collected in previous studies, such as data on amyloid and tau levels from cerebrospinal fluid samples (collected during lumbar puncture procedures).


To find out more about this study see Our Research.