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EDP Summer School 2022 - Registration Open

Registration for Edinburgh Dementia Preventions's 2022 Summer School is now open

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What is the Summer School? The brain health summer school is a 4-day interactive course designed principally for trainee and qualified clinicians, nurses and allied health professionals working in (or with an aim to work in) brain health and Alzheimer’s disease services. Post-graduate students with an interest in pursuing research in brain health and Alzheimer’s disease will also be welcome, as are those interested in increasing their general knowledge of research in this area (for example public health workers). Admission will be limited to 30 participants to maximise learning and networking opportunities. 


What will I learn? An important aim of the course is to introduce students to approaches outside their current discipline with a view to developing multi-disciplinary practice and research. The course will provide an overview of brain health clinical services and an exploration of the evidence base underpinning these. There will be a blend of lectures and interactive activities throughout the summer school to enhance learning.  

Each day will cover one of four main themes: Focus on Brain Health, The neurobiology and Neuropathology of Brain Health, and Current Treatments and Future Research and Treatment Methods.


When is it? Monday 26th to Thursday 29th of September 2022 


Where is it? The Summer school will be held in St Leonard's Hall, Pollock Halls of Residence,  University of Edinburgh, Holyrood Park Road, Edinburgh


How do I register?  You can regiser directly via the University of Edinburgh's ePay service.


Who can I contact for further information? Email education@edinburghcrf.ed.ac.uk for further information