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About Us

Edinburgh Dementia Prevention leads research across science, medicine and healthcare policy to lead global efforts in preventing dementia

Our mission is to empower people to understand and protect brain health, for a future without dementia.


At our heart is a vision to bring together researchers, policy makers and members of the public, to achieve three goals:

  • To advance understanding of biomarkers in clinical and preclinical human populations
  • To drive global efforts to deliver new medicines that could act before clinical symptoms of dementia appear
  • To improve the experience of living with dementia by developing strategies that increase quality of life

We seek to empower people to understand and protect their brain health, for a future without dementia.


To achieve this, our work transverses three interconnected themes:

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1. Trial Delivery

We conduct leading academic and commercial research, working in partnership with academic, health, and commercial partners around the globe, to advance understanding of dementia and brain health.  


2. Data Science

We aim to apply data science modelling techniques on the research data gathered from our trials in order to identify markers of brain disease and advance our understanding of neurodegenrative processes. 


3. Healthcare Impact

We work with the government, the health sector and policy makers to transfer our research and understanding into preventative and actionable health strategies. Our goal is to improve the lives of those living with dementia, and to prevent  dementia diagnoses in the future. We are moving toward this goal through the new Brain Health Scotland initiative which is a front line service designed to help the public identify personal risk factors and  make changes toward improving their brain health. 







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