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How to donate to our work

If you wish to donate or raise funds for the work of the Cerebrovascular Research Group, for either disease specific or generic stroke research please use one of the links below. 


Research to Understand Stroke due to Haemorrhage (RUSH)

The deadliest type of stroke is caused by spontaneous bleeding from blood vessels into the brain, known as intracerebral haemorrhage (or brain haemorrhage). Each year this disease affects about 10,000 adults in the UK and around two million adults worldwide.  Our Research to Understand Stroke due to Haemorrhage (RUSH) programme is dedicated to better understanding the causes and outcome of spontaneous (non-traumatic) intracerebral haemorrhage in adults, leading to randomised controlled clinical trials of interventions to improve patient outcome.


Row Fogo Centre for Research into Ageing and the Brain

At The Row Fogo Centre, we are dedicated to improving understanding of the brain damage caused by small vessel diseases (SVD). Although SVDs have been recognised to be a main cause of age-related brain diseases such as stroke, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, there is still very limited understanding of this common disease.


Stroke Research

Stroke has risen to be the third leading cause of years of life lost across the world. It is becoming more common as the population ages. There are more than 1.3 million stroke survivors in the UK. There are two main causes of strokes:

  • Ischaemic is where the blood supply is stopped because of a blood clot
  • Haemorrhagic is where a weakened blood vessel supplying the brain bursts

We are an internationally recognised group of researchers and doctors dedicated to improving outcome after stroke by combining the best care for patients with high quality research. Our research aims to save lives, develop new treatments, influence policy and engage the public with what we are doing.