Tools & resources

CAMARADES produce many tools and resources designed specifically for researchers conducting systematic reviews of preclinical data, including systematic review guides, and machine learning and text mining automation tools.

Systematic Review Facility (SyRF)

SyRF is a free-to-use online platform for performing systematic reviews of preclinical studies. It is an initiative by CAMARADES, funded by the NC3Rs. Through SyRF we aim to provide:

  • Secure screening database, data repository and analysis applications

  • Educational resources on how to conduct and report a systematic review

  • Guidance on any aspect of preclinical systematic review and meta-analysis process

Systematic Review Facility (SyRF)

Systematic Review Introductory Videos

How to cite SyRF

Bahor Z, Liao J, Currie G, et al. Development and uptake of an online systematic review platform: the early years of the CAMARADES Systematic Review Facility (SyRF). BMJ Open Science 2021;5:e100103. DOI: 10.1136/bmjos-2020-100103

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SyRF User Guide [PDF]

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Automated Systematic Search Deduplication Tool (ASySD)

A web application designed to de-duplicate large search results from multiple databases for systematic reviews. Upload your search to the web application and follow through each step to remove duplicate records. The code used to develop the web application is available via GitHub.

ASySD web application

ASySD R package

Preprint publication

Key contact: Dr Kaitlyn Hair

Meta-Analysis Tool

A web application for meta-analysis of preclinical data. Functions include:

  • Effect size calculation (NMD/SMD/odds ratio)
  • Stratified meta-analysis
  • Meta-regression
  • Trim-and-fill analysis
  • Egger's regression
  • Graphs demonstration

Meta-analysis web application

Meta-analysis tool code on GitHub

Key contact: Professor Malcolm Macleod