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About online learning

Help to decide if you are ready for online learning, and the support we offer.

Online learning checklist

Studying online can appear to carry unfamiliar risks. To help ensure that you have a realistic understanding of what is expected of you, please review the following statements.

Are you confident in your ability to do all the following?

  • access a computer with a reliable, high-speed internet connection and which is audio and video enabled
  • use a search engine
  • send emails with attachments and download/save files
  • use word processing software such as Word or OpenOffice and presentation software such as PowerPoint
  • direct your learning and know when to ask for help
  • communicate with peers and tutors using forums and video conferencing
  • commit 12-15 hours every week to online and off-line study

How you will learn

Our programme is delivered through a virtual learning environment (VLE) that provides you with access to a broad range of learning materials.

You will access all your online learning materials via LEARN.

Each course will have specific learning outcomes. You will be set both independent and collaborative assignments.

If live online tutorials are planned they will be announced in advance and will be scheduled with consideration of time-zone differences.

Within LEARN each course will be presented in order,  allowing you access to:

  • expert guest lectures drawn from scientific, clinical and patient pools relevant to the topic
  • details on assessments including how and when to submit
  • themed discussion forums moderated by a course tutor
  • help forum for posting questions at any time


For each course, your final mark will be based on a combination of assessments that will be laid out within LEARN and can include:

  • your participation in online discussions
  • an individual written project
  • a reflective portfolio
  • a group project, which in some cases will be peer-assessed