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About our students

Our students come from around the world and from a wide variety of educational backgrounds. Our alumni progress on to a number of different paths after graduating from our programmes and courses including MSc and PhD study.

Here's what our students say about our programmes: 

The lectures are accessible and engaging and students are expected to be independent learners - which is an essential skill at this level of study. The Stem Cells and Translational Neurology programme is very rewarding, covering fascinating cutting-edge discoveries and is taught by experts in the field, I would strongly encourage anyone considering the course to apply.

Current student on MSc Programme

Throughout the programme, I was 100% confident that I was learning from the world's best scientists & clinicians. I would recommend this course to students who wish to challenge themselves to become their best.

Current Student24 year old Canadian with an interest in Neuroscience; wanting to expand on his BSc Degree to move onto a PhD

Through the teaching provided throughout the modules, I have greatly improved my presentation skills, writing skills and my ability to create a well-structured narrative in a specific topical area. The bar is undoubtedly set high but for me, I view the challenge as confirmation of course’s unwavering resilience to set standards and thus a true reflection on both the motto and prestige that the University of Edinburgh stands for.

Current Student30 year old doctor from Kenya; interested in further study while working full-time

Student Success

Stem Cells and Translational Neurology Postgraduate Diploma graduate Matt Ball contributed to a recently published paper in the journal Nature Communications titled 'Reactive astrocytes acquire neuroprotective as well as deleterious signatures in response to Tau and Aß pathology' while a student on the programme. Read more about Matt's time on the Stem Cells programme, including how it benefited his career here