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ESO Edinburgh Stroke Research Workshop

A 3-day course to help clinical academics develop a research question for a stroke-related PhD or MD project.

What is the ESO Edinburgh Stroke Research Workshop?

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a tutor at the Edinburgh Stroke Winter School

The ESO Edinburgh Stroke Research Workshop (formerly known as the Edinburgh Stroke Winter School) aims to help new or aspiring clinical academics develop answerable research questions.

We will concentrate on the first three steps of developing research project: defining your research question; choosing the best design; and presentation to potential funders and collaborators.

The Workshop is supported by the European Stroke Organisation (ESO).

Dates for the next Workshop

The 9th ESO Edinburgh Stroke Research Workshop will be held on 10th-12th October 2022.

What we offer

We are a Europe-wide group of stroke clinicians and researchers who study how to improve understanding of the causes and consequences of stroke, and how better to improve prevention and recovery.

Over the course of 3 days, we will work with you to develop a research question that is new and is feasible for a PhD or MD project.

At the end of the Workshop you will present your research question to a panel of experts.

researchers at the Edinburgh Stroke Winter School

Example programme

Read our fantastic feedback!

'This workshop exceeded my expectations and everything I learnt here will certainly have an impact on the next steps in my career.'

'I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop, all the Faculty were enthusiastic and approachable.  Lectures were well delivered.  I would highly recommend it to colleagues.'

Participants at the 2018 Edinburgh Stroke Winter School
Winter School participants 2018

How to apply

Applications are now open. The deadline for the next Workshop is Wednesday 15th June 2022.  Successful applicants will be notified by the end of June 2022.

Places on the course are in high demand.

We encourage applications from all specialties relevant to patients with stroke, including (but not limited to): radiology, pathology, neurology, geriatrics, psychiatry, acute medicine, general practice, vascular surgery, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and nursing.

Stroke Winter School 2017 participants
Winter School participants 2017

What should I do after the course?

Once you have finished the course, we encourage you to apply for funding with any one of the stroke research centres around the UK and the rest of the Europe.

How much does the course cost?

The course this year costs £250 which includes 3 nights’ accommodation & course dinner.

Scholarships available for those from middle/low income states, please enquire (email Judi.Clarke@ed.ac.uk).

Endorsed by the European Stroke Organisation

This meeting is endorsed and funded by the European Stroke Organisation. It is open to all who are interested in cerebrovascular diseases.

Executive Board

Dr Else Sandset, Dr Fergus Doubal (co-Chairs)

Dr William Whiteley

Dr Terry Quinn

Professor Frederike Van Wijck

Professor Hanne Christensen

Professor Charlotte Cordonnier

Dr Tom Moullaali (ESO Young Stroke Physicians and Researchers representative)

Dr Alastair Webb (ESO Education Committee representative)


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