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Professor Cathie Sudlow

Professor Cathie Sudlow is Chair of Neurology and Clinical Epidemiology. Her main interests are in epidemiological approaches to understanding different subtypes of stroke.

Professor Cathie Sudlow (BA (Cantab), BMBCh (Oxon), MRCP, MSc Epidemiology (Lond), DPhil (Oxon), FRCPE)

Chair of Neurology and Clinical Epidemiology

  • Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences
  • Chief Scientist for UK Biobank

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Research summary

My group’s main interests are in classical and genetic epidemiological approaches to understanding different subtypes of stroke, and - through my involvement with UK Biobank and collaboration with other very large cohorts (including Million Women Study and China Kadoorie Biobank) - large scale prospective observational epidemiology. Our work will evolve over the years ahead to encompass prospective studies of neurodegenerative disorders as well as of stroke and related phenotypes.

Research aims and areas of interest

Classical and genetic epidemiological approaches to understanding different stroke subtypes I have a longstanding interest in the global epidemiology of stroke and have made important contributions in this area.

I lead a programme of work investigating epidemiological differences between stroke subtypes, including: analyses of data from a hospital-based study of >2000 stroke/TIA patients (the Edinburgh Stroke Study); collaborative individual patient data pooling efforts; and systematic reviews.

Complementing this is a programme of work on genetics of stroke and related phenotypes, including meta-analyses and collaborative genome wide association studies.

UK Biobank UK Biobank is a prospective study of 500,000 participants, recruited and extensively phenotyped from 2006-2010 at the age of 40-69, and now being followed up for the occurrence of a range of health-related outcomes. As UK Biobank’s Chief Scientist, I lead the follow-up programme, coordinating linkages to national death, cancer, hospital, primary care and other datasets, and nine expert outcomes adjudication subgroups (cancer, diabetes, cardiac, stroke, neurodegenerative, mental health, musculoskeletal, respiratory, ocular outcomes).

I lead the work on stroke outcomes and co-lead the work on neurodegenerative outcomes. I play a key role in UK Biobank’s other programmes of work, including liaison with scientists about development and use of the resource, streamlining open access procedures, and developing procedures for feedback of incidental findings as part of a large multi-modal imaging sub-study.

Other stroke and related research I am a co-investigator in several randomised trials of preventive interventions in patients with stroke/TIA; studies of brain imaging characteristics of cerebrovascular disease; studies of outcome prediction after stroke; and studies (observational & interventional) of adherence to secondary preventive medications after stroke/TIA.'