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Professor Andrew McIntosh

Andrew McIntosh is Professor of Biological Psychiatry in the Division of Psychiatry.

Andrew McIntosh

Chair of Biological Psychiatry

  • Division of Psychiatry
  • Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

Contact details

He is an Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist in NHS Lothian.


Professor McIntosh graduated in Medicine from Aberdeen University in 1995 and Psychiatry training within Scotland.

He has held several posts, including that of Wellcome Trust Research Fellow, MRC Research Fellow, Academy of Medical Sciences/Health Foundation Clinician Scientist, Reader and Visiting Associate Professor at Yale Medical School.

Research interests

Professor McIntosh's goal is to identify and use genetic risk factors for psychiatric disorder in order to elucidate their underlying disease mechanisms using measures of brain structure, function and connectivity.

Markers of esteem

Associate Director of the Scottish Mental Health Research Network (SMHRN)

Co-editor of Companion to Psychiatric Studies

Co-author of Critical Appraisal for Psychiatry

Chair of Generation Scotland Psychiatry Expert Working Group

Vice Chair of the Chief Scientist Office ETMRC Committee

Member of Wellcome Trust Cognitive Neuroscience and Mental Health Expert Review Group

Chair of UK Biobank Mental Health Genetics Group

Chair of MQ Mental Health Data Science Group


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