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Dr Jess Sussmann

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Jess Sussmann

Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Training Fellow

  • Division of Psychiatry

Contact details

As a part-time Consultant Rehabilitation Psychiatrist with NHS Borders, she also works with a community and in-patient team specialising in severe and enduring mental illness throughout the Scottish Borders.


Dr Sussmann graduated in Medicine from Edinburgh University in 2000 and completed basic Psychiatry training on the South East Scotland training scheme. Prior to becoming a Wellcome Research Fellow, she was a Clinical Lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry in Edinburgh.

Research interests

The development of objective tools for risk prediction, diagnosis and prognostic indicators would hasten improvements the management of major psychiatric disorders. Dr Sussmann is particularly interested in brain imaging research in Bipolar Disorder and high risk populations.

Her current research involve using structural and functional brain imaging to examine the neural correlates of emotion processing that may differentiate patients with bipolar disorder from their relatives, specifically looking at reward and facial emotion paradigms.

She is also involved in a large prospective study of young people at genetic high-risk for bipolar disorder. Their most recent approaches to learn more about the disorder (in addition to structural and functional imaging) have included genetic imaging and effective connectivity.