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Sarah McGlasson wins Scopus Early Career Researcher Award

Oct 2018: Congratulations to Sarah McGlasson, a postdoctoral researcher in David Hunt's lab, who has won the Elsevier / US-UK Fulbright Commission 2018 UK Early Career Researcher Award in Medicine.

Sarah McGlasson receives her award
Sarah McGlasson receives her award. credit: Telling Photography

Sarah was one of six early-career researchers who received an award at a ceremony in London last week.

As part of their joint mission to support young researchers in developing their careers, Elsevier and the US-UK Fulbright Commission have partnered in hosting the awards since 2011. Winners of these awards are chosen by an expert panel of judges, drawing on citation and publication information from Elsevier’s  Scopus database.

Neuroinflammation research

Sarah McGlasson conducts research to understand how immune activation can lead to neurological damage.  At the University she is a member of CCBS, IGMM and the UKDRI.

Sarah’s particular interest is how excessive type I interferon causes damage to cerebral blood vessels, in order to understand how blood vessels become damaged in autoimmune disease such as lupus. Her research uses insights from transgenic models and in vitro work, as well as human disease and clinical data, to understand more about the effect of interferon on blood vessels in the brain. 

Video profile

video credit: Elsevier. #ECRAwards2018

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