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Senior Lectureship for Dr Suvankar Pal

Oct 2018: Congratulations to Dr Suvankar Pal, who has been awarded a Senior Lectureship position in the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences.

Suvankar Pal

Suvankar is a Consultant Neurologist who has recently moved from an honorary position to a Senior Lectureship.

University roles

Suvankar's roles at the University of Edinburgh are Clinical lead of the National CJD Research and Surveillance Unit, co-lead of CARE-MND, lead of the Anne Rowling cognitive disorders clinic, and a Principal Investigator of the Euan MacDonald Centre for MND Research.

Research interests

Suvankar is an academic neurologist with a major clinical and research interest in neurodegenerative disorders. The prevalence of these devastating, progressive, and uniformly fatal disorders is increasing, partly owing to extensions in lifespan. There is an urgent need for progress in regenerative neurology, specifically therapeutic trials and new treatments.  This in turn needs improved human-centred research to better understand the individual disease course.  Deep longitudinal clinical phenotyping with biological annotation is a major opportunity in Scotland given the tractable population and existing infrastructural strengths. 

Major research aims

1] Elucidating the biological basis of phenotypic heterogeneity in neurodegenerative disorders (pursuing genotype-phenotype and clinico-pathological studies)

2] Innovation in clinical trial design and delivery for motor neurone disease

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