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It's time for Summer newsletters

July 2016: Summer e-newsletters are now available from the Development Autism Research Technology (DART) team, the Euan MacDonald Centre for MND Research, and the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic.

Please enjoy the latest updates from three of our research areas.


Development Autism Research Technology Newsletter June 2016

DART, led by Dr Sue Fletcher-Watson, encompasses a range of projects you might have heard of, or even participated in, including the Click-East trial of an iPad app for kids with autism, studies on bilingualism and autism and a recent project exploring how children’s behaviour changes when they play iPad apps. Here you’ll find out about recent projects, studies on the go and future plans for people associated with the DART team.


The Euan MacDonald Centre, directed by Prof Siddharthan Chandran, conducts vital research into motor neurone disease (MND). The Centre unites over 100 scientists and doctors at five Scottish Universities.
The Anne Rowling Clinic is a charitable University of Edinburgh clinical research facility that was founded by author J.K. Rowling in memory of her mother Anne. It is co-directed by Prof Siddharthan Chandran and Prof Charles ffrench-Constant. The Clinic hosts NHS research clinics, and researchers conduct a wide range of clinical research projects related  to neurodegenerative conditions.