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Prof Seth Grant awarded Horizon2020 ERC Advanced Grant

Mar 2020: Congratulations to Professor Seth Grant on being named as one of 185 researchers who are recipients of a European Research Council Advanced Grant.

The European Research Council Advanced Grant is awarded to well-established top researchers. Only 7 Life Science grants were awarded to the UK  and Seth's award is the the sole Scottish one. The 185 recipients will share 450 million Euros of funding.

Seth’s research proposal is 'SYNAPTOME: Synaptome architecture of the single neuron’.

His lab's research  aim is to understand the fundamental mechanisms of behaviour and how these mechanisms are involved in brain disease. To achieve this he has focussed on the study of the genes and proteins that control the synaptic connections between nerve cells and, in particular, the multiprotein machines present in synapses that are responsible for basic innate and learned behaviours, and dysfunction, in many brain diseases. His work has shown that these mechanisms are conserved between mice and humans, which opens new avenues for diagnosis and therapeutic discoveries. His Genes to Cognition programme has generated a large amount of data and tools that are freely available.

Seth was awarded the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) European Jounral of Neuroscience Award for 2020 and is due to deliver his FENS EJN Award Lecture at the FENS Forum 2020 in Glasgow.

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