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New app could reduce stress around children’s autism assessment

Feb 2020: The stress and anxiety of a potential autism diagnosis could be reduced by a new mobile phone app that has been developed by CCBS researchers.

The new app – called Helping Hand – enables parents and carers of children who have been referred for assessment in Scotland to record relevant information – such as sleeping patterns and challenging behaviour – about their child. It has been developed by Dr Louise Marryat and colleagues at the Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre.

The app should better prepare parents and carers for appointments and allow them to present relevant information to their clinician. It also includes general information on autism and how it is diagnosed, as well as links to resources and support organisations to help prepare children for appointments.

The app is currently being piloted in NHS Lothian but can be downloaded for free from all app stores and used by parents across Scotland.

Read the full story on the Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre website.

a woman looking at a phone screen, with a child sitting on her lap

Image credit: triocean/Getty Images