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Prizes for CCBS clinical fellows at national neurologists' meeting

June 2019: Many congratulations to three CCBS clinical research fellows, who were award recipients and finalists at the recent Association of British Neurologists annual meeting.

Dr Gashirai Mbizvo

Dr Gashirai Mbizvo

Gash won the 2019 Charles Symonds prize for best platform presentation by a junior neurologist, for his talk on the Scottish Epilepsy Deaths Study (SEDS).

Gashirai is a Clinical Research Fellow funded by Epilepsy Research UK and The Juliet Bergqvist Memorial Fund. His research project is a nationwide cohort and case-contral study using administrative healthcare date to identify and characterise epilepsy-related mortality.

Dr Gashirai Mbizvo's profile


Arpan Mehta

Dr Arpan Mehta

Arpan won the 2019 Charles Symonds Prize for best poster presentation for his work on 'Dysregulated axonal homeostasis in C9orf72 ALS motor neurones'.

Arpan is an MRC/Motor Neurone Disease Association Lady Edith Wolfson Clinical Fellow and Rowling Scholar. In his research he examines the most common known genetic mutation in motor neurone disease,  C9orf72, using patient-derived stem cell modelling and gene-editing to better understand axonal and metabolic impairments underlying MND.

Dr Arpan Mehta's profile on the Anne Rowling Clinic website


Patrick Kearns

Dr Patrick Kearns

Patrick joined Arpan as another of the five finalists in the poster competition.

Patrick is a Clinical Research Fellow and Rowling Scholar.

Patrick is researching the causes and distribution of MS, and in particular the environmental cause(s) of the disease. He is particularly interested in investigating the potentia role of infection with Epstein-Barr virus or other early-life viral infections.

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