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British Federation of Women Graduates Prize awarded to CCBS student

Jan 2019: Congratulations to Bérengère Digard, who has been awarded the Barbara Northend Prize.

Berengere Digard

Bérengère Digard, who is a PhD student in CCBS, was awarded the prize by the British Federation of Women Graduates (BFWG).

Bérengère's research focuses on the sociocognitive and neurological effects of bilingualism in autistic and neurotypical adults. She wrote about her experience applying for the award in her team's blog: Phd and Stuff.

Barbara Northend was a longstanding member of BFWG who was a head teacher in a secondary school. She conducted research into the factors which influenced pupils in their choice of foreign languages. In this way her interests were similar to Bérengère's.

Barbara and Margaret Smeaton - another ex-head teacher - attended BFWG meetings with their camper van in which they lived during the course of the meetings. Barbara was a quiet but clear minded lady who was dedicated to education and particularly for the disadvantaged. Her colleague Margaret, although elderly, still takes an active interest in BFWG events and attends them occasionally, although not now with the camper van.

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