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News Jul-Dec 2018

CCBS news from July to December 2018.

Celebrating the Department of Clinical Neurosciences at the Western General Hospital

Dec 2018: An afternoon symposium was held to celebrate the Department of Clinical Neurosciences' tenure at the Western General Hospital, before its move to Edinburgh BioQuarter in 2019.

Prestigious parliamentary Fellowship for CCBS student

Dec 2018: Congratulations to Maggi Laurie, who has been awarded a prestigious Fellowship in the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.

STRADL Depression Research Day

Dec 2018: A report on the Wellcome Trust ‘Stratifying Resilience and Depression Longitudinally’ (STRADL) annual meeting, which was held in Edinburgh in October 2018.

Clinical trial findings suggest common antidepressant does not aid stroke recovery

Dec 2018: The results of the FOCUS clinical trial have shown that stroke patients prescribed a common antidepressant show no improvement compared with those given a dummy drug.

Winners of the Arthur Fonville Award 2018

Nov 2018: Many congratulations to the two winners of this year's Arthur Fonville Award.

PhD recruitment round for 2019 now open

Nov 2018: We are open for applications for PhDs starting in September 2019.

Senior Lectureship for Dr Suvankar Pal

Oct 2018: Congratulations to Dr Suvankar Pal, who has been awarded a Senior Lectureship position in the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences.

Sarah McGlasson wins Scopus Early Career Researcher Award

Oct 2018: Congratulations to Sarah McGlasson, a postdoctoral researcher in David Hunt's lab, who has won the Elsevier / US-UK Fulbright Commission 2018 UK Early Career Researcher Award in Medicine.

CCBS student wins UK Three Minute Thesis competition

Sep 2018: Huge congratulations to Owen Gwydion James on winning the UK Three Minute Thesis competition.

'Living with MS' patient:scientist exchange event

Sep 2018: A group of Edinburgh Neuroscience and SPRINT-MND/MS PhD students travelled to Glasgow to learn what it's like to live with multiple sclerosis.

Families affected by learning difficulties help shape research agenda

Sep 2018: Young people with learning difficulties and their families have helped to identify key areas of research that could improve their lives.

Mild Stroke Study 3 recruits first participant

Aug 2018: The Mild Stroke Study 3 recruited its first participant on 22nd August. The study aims to improve understanding of what affects the progression of small vessel disease, and to identify novel targets for prevention and therapy.

Brain scan checklist set to boost care for stroke survivors

Aug 2018: New research suggests that people who suffer a stroke caused by bleeding in the brain could be helped by four simple checks of their brain scans.

Map of a billion synapses reveals clues about how we think

Aug 2018: A new map of more than a billion synapses in the brain helps to shed light on how memories are formed and recalled.

Chronic wasting disease prions can convert human prions into disease-associated form

Jul 2018: A team of CCBS researchers led by Marcelo Barria have published findings that prions that cause chronic wasting disease in deer and elk can convert human prions in a test tube to the disease-associated form.

Brain study paves way for therapy for common cause of dementia

Jul 2018: A team involving CCBS researchers has published findings suggesting that reversing damage to the cells that line the small blood vessels in the brain could offer new avenues for therapy in dementia and stroke caused by small vessel disease.