Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

News July to December 2017

CCBS news from July to December 2017.

Seizure study sheds light on lasting brain effects in children

Dec 2017: A study by Richard Chin and colleagues at the Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre provides insights into the long-term health impact of epilepsy in children.

Dr Sinéad Rhodes awarded Public Engagement prize

Dec 2017: Congratulations to Dr Sinéad Rhodes, who was awarded the Royal Society of Edinburgh Innovator’s Public Engagement Prize 2017.

Highlights from Preventing Dementia conference

Dec 2017: The Centre for Dementia Prevention hosted a sell-out public conference last week on ‘Preventing Dementia: Advice and Advances'.

Brain protein expression map links genetics to behaviour

Dec 2017: A map of post-synaptic protein expression in the neocortex of the brain has been published by Professor Seth Grant and colleagues. The data can form a bridge between genetics and functional studies such as imaging and behaviour.

Success for FND2017 International Conference on Functional Neurological Disorders

Nov 2017: The 3rd International Conference on Functional Neurological Disorders, held in Edinburgh in September 2017, and co-organised by CCBS researchers, was a great success.

Stroke trial wins data-sharing prize!

Nov 2017: The data from stroke trial IST-1 have won a prize for the most accessed data on Edinburgh DataShare.

Brain cell advance brings fresh hope for CJD therapies

Nov 2017: CCBS scientists have generated a stem cell-based model of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease by infecting stem-cell derived astrocytes with prions.

Successes by our early-career researchers

Nov 2017: Huge congratulations to four of our early-career researchers, Michael Stringer, Sarah Lemprière, Mark Rodrigues and Gashirai Mbizvo, who have all won awards in recent weeks.

Arthur Fonville Award winners 2017

Nov 2017: Congratulations to the two winners of this year's Arthur Fonville Award for stroke research.

Dementia healthcare needs a revolutionary rethink

Oct 2017: A team led by Professor Craig Ritchie, Dr Tom Russ and others has concluded that clinical services for people at high risk of dementia need a radical rethink in line with the latest scientific understanding of the condition.

Emily Sena appointed Editor-in-Chief of BMJ Open Science

September 2017: Congratulations to Dr Emily Sena, CCBS Research Fellow, on her appointment as Editor-in-Chief of new journal, BMJ Open Science.

A genetic timetable of the brain’s aging process

September 2017: Professor Seth Grant and colleagues have published findings suggesting the existence of a genetic programme that controls the way our brain changes throughout life.

Personal Chair for James Boardman

August 2017: Many congratulations to James Boardman, who has become the Professor of Neonatal Medicine.

Stephen Lawrie wins Public Communication prize

July 2017: Stephen Lawrie has won a Public Communication prize for his work with the Edinburgh Fringe, blogs and comments in the media.

Depression changes the structure of the brain

July 2017: CCBS researchers have published brain imaging data suggesting that depression may cause alterations in the brain's white matter.

CCBS researchers in major dementia prevention brain imaging project

July 2017: Professor Craig Ritchie and team at the Centre for Dementia Prevention are part of a major brain imaging project - the TriBEKa consortium - looking at the first factors that determine risk of dementia.

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