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Arthur Fonville Award winners 2016

Nov 2016: Congratulations to the two winners of this year's Arthur Fonville Award for Stroke Research.

The recipients of this year's prize were Vhinoth Sivakumaran & Henry Millar. They were awarded the prize for the excellent joint paper entitled "COL4A2 variants are associated with both lacunar ischemic stroke and deep ICH: collaborative meta-analyses of common genetic variation in six rare familial cerebral small vessel disease genes among 21,500 stroke cases and 41,000 controls".

Arthur Fonville Award winners 2016
Arthur Fonville Award winners receiving their prize

About the award

The Arthur Fonville Award is a prize for a 1,500 word dissertation summarising a research project into any aspect of stroke, conducted by a medical student registered at the University of Edinburgh in their clinical years. There is a prize of £100 for the best entry.

This posthumous award was established in memory of Arthur Fonville, a medical student from the University of Amsterdam, who worked with the Research to Understand Stroke due to Haemorrhage (RUSH) team in Edinburgh 2011-2013 and died in September 2014.