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Jul-Dec 2016

Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences news from July to December 2016.

SPRINT-MND/MS: Scottish PhDs in motor neurone disease & multiple sclerosis research

SPRINT-MND/MS: a network of PhD studentships across five Scottish Universities, is open for applications until 20th January 2017.

New MRI brain scanner now operational

Dec 2016: Edinburgh Imaging is delighted to announce that a new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner is now operational at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

We are recruiting an Operations Manager

Dec 2016: The Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences is looking for an Operations Manager to lead Centre administration and work closely with senior research leads to ensure the continued growth and success of the Centre.

Arthur Fonville Award winners 2016

Nov 2016: Congratulations to the two winners of this year's Arthur Fonville Award for Stroke Research.

Danielle Leighton wins presentation prize

Nov 2016: Congratulations to Dr Danielle Leighton, who was awarded prize for best platform presentation at the Scottish Association of Neurological Sciences (SANS) Annual Meeting earlier this month.

Functional Disorders: new book, meeting & good news from the team

Nov 2016: Congratulations to CCBS researchers Jon Stone and Alan Carson, who have co-edited the textbook, "Functional Neurologic Disorders" and are planning a conference on the topic. They also have both been promoted to Reader.

Euan MacDonald Centre PhD studentship competition now open

Nov 2017: Applications for the Euan MacDonald Centre PhD studentship, commencing Sept 2017, are now open.

Study of UK patients with growth hormone-associated CJD points to a single prion strain

Nov 2016: Researchers from the National CJD Research & Surveillance Unit have studied the brains of people who developed CJD after receiving injections of human growth hormone.

Dementia study lists everyday risk factors

Oct 2016: CCBS researchers have created a shortlist of environmental factors that may contribute to our risk of developing dementia.

How patients get involved with RUSH research

Oct 2016: The Research to Understand Stroke due to Haemorrhage (RUSH) team has assembled an active patient reference group to comment on study priorities, design and materials.

Tackling ADHD in young prisoners

Oct 2016: Professor Lindsay Thomson is taking part in a study to see whether a drug called methylphenidate can reduce ADHD in young male prisoners.

Parkinson’s study could pave way for early detection test

Aug 2016: CCBS researchers have developed a way of detecting a protein linked to Parkinson's disease in samples of spinal fluid.

Chronic pain linked to partners of people with depression

Aug 2016: CCBS researchers have published research indicating that the partners of people with depression are more likely to suffer from chronic pain.

Study confirms gene link to brain disorders

Brain scans carried out by researchers in the Division of Psychiatry have revealed how a genetic mutation linked to major psychiatric disorders affects the structure, function and chemistry of the brain.

Siddharthan Chandran joins Dementias Platform UK Exec

Aug 2016: Professor Siddharthan Chandran has been appointed to the Executive Team of Dementias Platform UK

Synapse research awards for Seth Grant

Aug 2016: Congratulations to Professor Seth Grant, who has been awarded two grants on synapse research.

Tim Wilkinson awarded MRC Fellowship

July 2016: Many congratulations to Tim Wilkinson who has been awarded an MRC clinical research training fellowship to use big data in the field of dementia prevention.

Arthur Fonville Award for Stroke Research 2016: competition now open

July 2016: The Arthur Fonville Award 2016 competition is now open. This prize is awarded for the best dissertation about stroke research written by a medical student at Edinburgh.

It's time for Summer newsletters

July 2016: Summer e-newsletters are now available from the Development Autism Research Technology (DART) team, the Euan MacDonald Centre for MND Research, and the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic.

Brain study seeks volunteers to shed light on preventing dementia

July 2016: People at risk of dementia could be helped by new research that aims to identify brain changes linked to Alzheimer’s disease.