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Jon Stone & Alan Carson awarded President's Medal

June 2017: Congratulations to Jon Stone and Alan Carson on this fantastic achievement.

Dr Jon Stone and Dr Alan Carson were awarded the President's Medal from the Royal College of Psychiatrists at a ceremony on 28th June.

The President's Medal is awarded for 'contributions to policy, public knowledge, education and meeting population and patient care needs in diverse and challenging circumstances'.

Alan Carson (centre) and Jon Stone (right) receive the President's Medal
Alan Carson (centre) and Jon Stone (right) receive the President's Medal. Credit: Nick McGowan-Lowe Photography
Jon Stone (right) and Alan Carson (centre) receive the RPsych President's Medal

Dr Alan Carson and Dr Jon Stone have a longstanding collaboration and specialise in Functional Neurological Disorders. They have collaboratively been involved in a thorough clinical research on a wide range of functional disorders, looking at how common they are, why and how they happen and trialling physical and psychological treatments. Dr Carson and Dr Stone have also led on the promotion of local and global policies to increase patient information, raise public awareness in the media, reduce stigma, provide better training, service, research and classification structures. They have co-edited various volumes of the Journal of Neurology.

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