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Winning team at Farr Institute PhD Summer School

Many congratulations to Tim Wilkinson, CCBS Clinical Research Fellow, who was part of this year's winning team at the Farr Institute PhD Summer School.

Winning team at the Farr Institute Summer School
The winning team. L-R: Will Hulme, Tim Wilkinson, Anthony Chapman, Mohammad Al Sallakh, Tanja Mueller

Data Visualisation: Presenting Research to the Public

In the competition, teams were tasked with designing a user-friendly interactive data visualisation tool so that members of the public could explore the freely-available data in the NHS England Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) datasets.

Dr Wilkinson and team chose to look at the relation between obesity and social deprivation. The project involved linking the obesity QOF dataset with government data on social deprivation and then working with patients and members of the public to refine the design. The winning data visualisation tool is available at: