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Development Autism Research Technology newsletter

Below is the annual newsletter from the DART (Development Autism Research Technology) project led by Chancellor's Fellow Dr Sue Fletcher-Watson.

Sue Fletcher Watson

DART annual newsletter

Dr Sue Fletcher-Watson, a Chancellor's Fellow in the Division of Psychiatry, CCBS, leads the Development Autism Research Technology (DART) project.

This update contains the major news from DART over the past year and plans for the future.

Dr Fletcher-Watson is interested in how children develop and learn, and in particular in cases where this follows an unusual trajectory.

First, she explores how we can characterise the early abilities and difficulties of babies who have either already experienced adversity (such as those born preterm) or who later go on to receive a specific diagnosis (such as autism).

Second, Dr Fletcher-Watson asks how we can intervene to improve outcome for such babies and young children. Her methods involve mostly direct observation and assessment including eye-tracking, and she also has an interest in technology, such as iPads, as an intervention route.

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