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Jan-Jun 2019

CCBS news from January to June 2019.

David Hunt awarded Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship

Jun 2019: Many congratulations to Dr David Hunt, who has been awarded a prestigious Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship to study how abnormal immune activation affects the brain.

Brain disorder leaves lasting legacy of disability

June 2019: New research from CCBS has found that 80% of people with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) still had symptoms in their arms and legs 14 years after initial diagnosis.

Prizes for CCBS clinical fellows at national neurologists' meeting

June 2019: Many congratulations to three CCBS clinical research fellows, who were award recipients and finalists at the recent Association of British Neurologists annual meeting.

Seth Grant given Distinguished Investigator Award

May 2019: Congratulations to Prof Seth Grant, who was the recipient of the I.B.A.N.G.S Distinguished Investigator Award 2019.

RESTART trial results: aspirin gets the green light in stroke due to brain haemorrhage

May 2019: The results of the RESTART trial have found that people who suffer a stroke caused by bleeding in the brain can take common medicines without raising their risk of another stroke.

Peter Sandercock and John Starr named in 'Top 10 Inspiring Physicians 2019'

May 2019: Many congratulations to Prof Peter Sandercock and the late Prof John Starr, who have been named in the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh list of Top 10 Inspiring Physicians 2019.

Drugs to prevent stroke and dementia show promise in early trial

May 2019: A clinical study led by CCBS researchers has found that two drugs are safe for use in stroke caused by damage to small blood vessels.

Designing a mobile app to support parents/carers of children undergoing assessment for autism

Mar 2019: Researchers at the SMC Research Centre for Learning Difficulties are working alongside people with autism to design an app to help families through the diagnostic process with a child.

Seth Grant awarded FENS EJN Award 2020

Mar 2019: Congratulations to Prof Seth Grant on being awarded this prize given in recognition of an outstanding scientific work in any area of neuroscience.

British Heart Foundation £3M Research Excellence Award for Edinburgh

Mar 2019: The British Heart Foundation has awarded Research Excellence Awards to six UK Universities, including £3M to Edinburgh.

Awards for PhD students at the CCBS Away Day

Feb 2019: We were proud to recognise the excellence of five of our PhD students at our Centre Away Day last week.

Origins of depression brought into focus in large-scale genetic study

Feb 2019: CCBS-led research has identified hundreds of genes newly linked to depression, shedding light on the origins of the condition and highlighting personality types that could be at risk.

Early life trauma affects two-thirds of Scots children

Jan 2019: CCBS research suggests that most Scottish children experience a traumatic event before the age of eight.

Trial using donated eye tissue offers stem cell surgery hope

Jan 2019: Researchers have carried out a clinical trial using stem cell-derived tissue to repair the surface of the eye.

British Federation of Women Graduates Prize awarded to CCBS student

Jan 2019: Congratulations to Bérengère Digard, who has been awarded the Barbara Northend Prize.

Sue Fletcher-Watson appointed Director of SMC Research Centre for Learning Difficulties

Jan 2019: Congratulations to Dr Sue Fletcher-Watson on her appointment as Director of the SMC Research Centre for Learning Difficulties. The Centre, which is part of CCBS at the University of Edinburgh, undertakes research to improve the lives of children with learning difficulties and their families.