Division of Psychiatry
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Psychiatric Genomics

We use genomic approaches to understand the mechanisms and causes of psychiatric disorders.

Edinburgh investigators deploy genomic approaches for the study of psychiatric disorders and related traits. This work involves collaboration across psychiatry, psychology, and social sciences as well as longstanding partnerships with the Institute of Genetics and Cancer.

We apply genomic approaches (genetics, epigenetics, metabolomic and other) to understand the mechanisms and modifiable causes of psychiatric disorders with a view to identifying new drug treatments and other interventions. 

This work builds upon UK Biobank, Generation Scotland, Lothian Birth Cohorts of 1921 and 1936, SHARE, Generation Malawi, DepGenAfrica and work with the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium and the new UKRI Informatics Hub for Mental Health DATAMIND.

Our work includes a strong public engagement and involvement component, led by Dr Iona Beange our Knowledge Exchange Officer, including ‘My Depression, your depression’ and 'Depression Detectives'.

Example projects

Project title Funder Investigator(s)
Psychiatric Genetics Consortium NIH Andrew McIntosh
Generation Malawi: a study of family, maternal and childhood mental health UKRI Andrew McIntosh

Leveraging Routinely Collected And Linked Research Data To Study The Causes And Consequences Of Common Mental Disorders

UKRI (Mental Health Data Pathfinder)

Andrew McIntosh, Daniel Smith

Generation Scotland

Wellcome David Porteous (Institute of Genetics and Cancer), Andrew McIntosh

Depression Genetics in Africa

Wellcome Andrew McIntosh
Airwave Health Monitoring Study UKRI Andrew McIntosh

CoMorMent - Predicting comorbid cardiovascular disease in individuals with mental disorder by decoding disease mechanisms (Lead: University of Oslo)

EU Horizon Europe Andrew McIntosh, Sue Fletcher-Watson

Exploiting Genomic Approaches To Identify The Environmental Basis Of Depression

Wellcome (Investigator Award) Andrew McIntosh

DATAMIND (Lead: Swansea University)

MRC Andrew McIntosh, Daniel Smith

My depression, your depression (Public engagement project)     

UKRI Andrew McIntosh, Iona Beange

Depression Detectives (Public engagement project)

Wellcome Andrew McIntosh, Iona Beange