Division of Psychiatry
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Perinatal Psychiatry

We aim to improve the mental health of women during pregnancy and after delivery by improving understanding of why perinatal mental health disorders happen and by developing interventions

Becoming pregnant, losing a baby or becoming a parent are amongst the most significant and potentially challenging periods of a person’s life. Perinatal psychiatry provides care to women who experience moderate to severe mental health problems either while pregnant or within the first one to two years after delivery.

At the University of Edinburgh we are pursuing research which will improve understanding and outcomes for perinatal mental illness. We have particular interests in the aetiology of postpartum psychosis, interventions for women with complex psychosocial needs, and providing maternal mental health in Malawi.

We are using data from sources such as Public Heath Scotland, the SAIL Dataset in Wales and Generation Malawi.

Example projects

Project title Funder Investigator(s)
Postpartum psychosis: physical and mental comorbidity in a national linked dataset CSO Katie Marwick
The Prevalence of Complex Psychosocial Needs Among Pregnant Women Who Have Accessed Secondary Mental Healthcare NES Karyn Ayre
Generation Malawi: a study of family, maternal and childhood mental health MRC Andrew McIntosh, Robert Stewart