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Developmental Psychology & Psychiatry

Work in this theme aims to understand neurodevelopmental diversity, and develop new tools to support young people.

This research theme examines neurodevelopmental diversity - the range of ways in which children grow and learn - with a particular focus on intellectual disability, and autism. Researchers work closely with children and young people, and their families. We aim to understand more about their lived experiences, as well as testing cognitive, neurological and genetic explanations for variability in that experience. The work aims to develop new insights to support understanding and acceptance, as well as tools for use by young people and their doctors, teachers, therapists and parents.  

Much of the work is undertaken under the banner of two philanthropically funded University of Edinburgh centres of excellence with membership beyond the Division of Psychiatry:

Example projects

Project title Funder Investigator(s)
Learning About Neurodiversity at School (LEANS) Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre Alyssa Alcorn

Embracing Complexity in Neurodevelopment (Lead: University of Cambridge)

James S MacDonnell Foundation Sue Fletcher-Watson
Evaluation Of Sleep in SYNGAP1 (EVOSIS) Simons Initiative for the Developing Brain, Patrick Wild Centre Lindsey Mizen
Edinburgh Psychoeducation Intervention for Children and Young People (EPIC) Wellcome, Waterloo Foundation Sinead Rhodes
Neuro-GD study – Comparing genetic neurodevelopmental conditions Simons Initiative for the Developing Brain Andrew Stanfield