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Brain Health & Neurodegeneration

Work in this theme focuses on understanding and protecting brain health: finding new biomarkers, trialling treatments and improving quality of life.

Work in this theme has three goals:

  • To advance understanding of biomarkers in clinical and preclinical human populations
  • To drive global efforts to deliver new medicines that could act before clinical symptoms of dementia appear
  • To improve the experience of living with dementia by developing strategies that increase quality of life

The research is anchored in the cross-College hubs Edinburgh Dementia Prevention which is directed by Professor Craig Ritchie.

Example projects

Project title Funder(s) Investigator

PREVENT Dementia

(linked with EPAD, AMYPAD, TriBEKa Imaging Platform)

EC, Alzheimer's Society, Alzheimer's Association (USA), Fidelity Foundation Craig Ritchie

Deep and Frequent Phenotyping: combinatorial biomarkers for dementia experimental medicine


MRC Craig Ritchie

BANGLE: Bangalore-Edinburgh Collaboration for Brain Health and Dementia Prevention

Fidelity Foundation Graciela Muniz-Terrera