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Edinburgh Mental Health

Edinburgh Mental Health is an emerging interdisciplinary research network across the University of Edinburgh.

With colleagues from across the University, we are developing a new interdisciplinary research network called Edinburgh Mental Health. Our goal is to build on the considerable strengths and data resources in Edinburgh to facilitate ambitious new collaborations.

We are currently:

  • Consulting widely with the university community and other key stakeholders (research funders, patients, people with lived experience, families, clinicians, government, funding agencies and third sector organisations) to raise awareness of the network and to invite participation
  • Mapping mental health research activity in the University within a live and searchable database of researchers and projects
  • Establishing a website and social media strategy to facilitate communication within the network and externally
  • Establishing an internal management and governance structure
  • Hosting an inaugural Edinburgh Mental Health conference on 31 January 2022 to showcase existing collaborations, facilitate networking and discuss/prioritise areas of future interdisciplinary work. This conference will help to consolidate thinking around identifying 3-4 core interdisciplinary research themes for the network