Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences
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What we do

The Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences (CCBS) undertakes fundamental and clinical research into major neurological disorders, also playing a key role in translating research findings into benefits for patients.

Student presenting data to colleagues

The Principal Investigators and Associate Members are proactive in:

  • Strong collaborative research programmes in major neurological disorders including stroke, prion biology, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease and dementias
  • High-quality postgraduate training of non-clinical PhDs, clinician-scientists and MSc students
  • Translation of research into clinical trials and improved patient care
  • Service provision locally and nationally (prion disease screening, brain imaging, brain banking, clinical trials)
  • Liaison with policy-makers in government, non-governmental organisations and charities
  • Outreach, public engagement, community support and fundraising

Data Access and Governance

CCBS members are aware of the need to, and benefits of, storing and sharing data appropriately. The CCBS Data Access and Governance (DAG) Committee comprises members from all sections of the Centre as a forum to discuss and disseminate best practice.

The following poster, explaining the roles of the Committee, was produced by Cyril Pernet for the CCBS Away Day 2017.

Members of the University of Edinburgh can visit the DAG Committe's EASE-protected webpage (secured) with its useful information and links.