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United Reformed Church

Rev Fiona Bennett and Hanna Albrecht

Photograph of Rev Fiona Bennett: Honorary URC Chaplain

Rev Fiona Bennett is the United Reformed Church Honorary Chaplain.

I am the minister at Augustine United Church which is part of the United Reformed Church.

I deeply believe diversity and the calling to inclusion is an intentional gift of God, which shapes much of my ministry and life. AUC supports & includes people who are LGBTQI+ and people who have complex mental health and disability.

I have a background in Community Education as well as Ministry and have worked in the Methodist Church & Church of Scotland, as well as the URC.

I serve as a mediator with Place for Hope, have 3 children and love escaping into fantasy novels.





Fiona Bennett

Honorary United Reformed Church Chaplain

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Hannah Looking at the camera smiling

Hanna Albrecht:

I serve as an elder at Augustine United Church which is part of the United Reformed Church (

Because of my faith, I care deeply about protecting our planet, promoting peace and justice, and empowering & including people from the LGBTQIA+ community.

I am currently a Student Adviser at Moray House School of Education and Sport and have previously worked with Roots, an Edinburgh charity for all university students.

When I am not working at Moray House or with AUC, I love exploring the Scottish countryside, baking treats for my friends and family, and reading a lot of romance novels.