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Nasim Azad and Fatih Atmaca

A photo of Fatih in front of a mosque

Fatih Atmaca

Fatih Atmaca is originally from Turkey and attended the Iman Hatib Islamic School where he was introduced to the Islamic disciplines of Qur’an Recitation, Hadith and Jurisprudence. He moved to Edinburgh in 2010. He is a professional tailor by qualification and has his own business in Edinburgh. As well as his work he has been an active member of the Turkish and Muslim communities. He is an Imam at the Balgreen Mosque, where he regularly leads the Friday Prayers and also Vice-Chairman of the ETCA( Edinburgh Turkish Cultural Association) where he has helped with the needs of the Turkish Community which has involved leasing with the Consulate,

Foreign Students and Business men and women from Turkey. He is fluent in Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian and English as well as having a good grasp of Classical Arabic. He is a keen on football ( he was semi professional football player )and plays regularly to keep fit.

Imam Fatih Atmaca

Honorary Chaplain


Nasim Azad

Photograph of Nasim Azad: Honorary Belief Contact

Nasim Azad is our Muslim Belief Contact and she runs the Muslim women's group "Beyond The Veil". 

Nasim lives and works in Edinburgh, originally a Yorkshire lass. She is very involved in the community in assisting, signposting and offering a listening ear to those who may be troubled or need advice. She is very passionate about doing the right thing and is adamant to speak up when faith is used to justify certain actions. As a Muslim woman she works hard to present the accurate information on Islam to non-Muslims but equally to Muslims. People have a fear of faith and Nasim tries to highlight the fact that in some small ways, every day, we are all in fact practicing faith. This could be through taking an interest in the environment, helping an elder neighbour with shopping, speaking against oppression, this must continue no matter who you are for peace, love, harmony and coexistence.




Nasim Azad

Muslim belief contact

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