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Shipra Kohli

Photograph of Shipra Kohli, Chaplaincy Hindu Belief Contact

Shipra Kohli is the Hindu Belief Contact.

Shipra was born and educated in India . She is a Hindu, one of the most ancient faiths, tracing its origins to 10,000 years of oral and written traditions. Hinduism is an inclusive faith, and despite its ancient practices, it has evolved constantly and continues to be relevant in modern times to its almost 1 billion practitioners.

She did her Masters in Finance in India. She worked as a Financial Adviser in London for a few years. Then moved to Edinburgh to have a better work life balance.

She is the founder, director of Indian Arts Connection, an arts organisation aiming to deliver excellence and inclusion in the arts in Scotland.

She is also a board member for Edinburgh Interfaith Association. EIFA believes in working with people of all faiths and none to create a more respectful, peaceful world.

She is a member of Changing the Chemistry. CTC aims to increase diversity on all types of Boards.

She has been actively promoting women empowerment. She is working with various charities supporting BME women. She is also involved in various projects serving the wider community.

Shipra believes in peace, harmony, gender equality, diversity of thought and inclusion of all.






Shipra Kohli

Hindu Belief Contact

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