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Rachael Zi Jiao

Photograph of Rachael Zi Jiao

Rachael Zi Jiao is the University's Daoist Belief Contact, and runs the Soen Ren School of Spiritual Arts, teaching Daoism (also spelt Taoism) in Edinburgh and East Lothian.

Rachael is a 16th generation daoist disciple of Master Yuan Xiu Gang and Wudang San Feng Pai. She was born in Edinburgh and trained first as a yoga teacher alongside studying taiji, qi gong, zen buddhism and shamanic practices.

Rachael's work with people searching for wellbeing and balance is her job as creator of the Soen Ren School and teacher of eastern forms of exercise and spiritual development. After having had two children she is currently also training to become a doula and engage in supporting women with the physical and spiritual process of motherhood, see


Rachael Zi Jiao

Daoist Belief Contact

  • Soen Ren School of Spiritual Arts

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