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Church of Scotland

Rev Dr Richard Frazer and Revd Donald Scott.

Revd Dr Richard Frazer

Photograph of Revd Dr Richard Frazer

Rev Dr Richard Frazer is the minister of Greyfriars Kirk (near the central campus) and one of the Church of Scotland Chaplains to the University. 

Richard Frazer has been minister at Greyfriars Kirk, (Church of Scotland) since 2003. During that time, he has founded the Grassmarket Community Project that supports some of the city’s most vulnerable adults and has also established the Greyfriars Charteris Centre, a place for wellbeing, social enterprise and building community, which has strong links to Edinburgh University.

At Greyfriars, there is a ministry team dedicated to creating an inclusive and affirming community for those of faith and others exploring their spirituality through worship, reflective space and other volunteering opportunities. Richard has a passion for pilgrimage walking and has recently published a book, Travels with a Stick, about his journey on the Camino de Santiago.





Rev Richard Frazer

Honorary Church of Scotland Chaplain

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Revd Donald Scott

Photograph of Revd Donald Scott

Revd Donald Scott is one of our Church of Scotland Chaplains to the University and is the minister of Priestfield Parish Church (next to Pollock Halls) -

I've spent very little of my ministry of 36 years in a parish. I've worked in Canada, Iona, for the YMCA, and as a prison Chaplain for almost half that time. In each place the important aspect of ministry for me was proclaiming God's loving welcome to everyone. That continues at Priestfield, an open and welcoming fellowship, who love having students come and join us, and in working with students at Edinburgh University Chaplaincy. My favourite image of God is from Jesus story of the Prodigal Son-the father sprinting across the fields to welcome home his child. 

Revd Donald Scott

Honorary Church of Scotland Chaplain