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Katucha Bento

I am initiated in Candomblé of the Jeje-Nagô nation, an Afro-Brazilian spirituality grounded in African ancestrality, knowledge and cosmology invoked by the drums and elements of the nature. 

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Respect of all life forms is the root of all teachings in this faith. Elements of the nature are integrated with how the Orishas (divine entities) manifest and become one with our humanity. 

I am also a samba dancer and I love to find new vegan eco-friendly recipes to cook. (no GMO's! No agrobusiness plant-based industrial food). 


I am a Lecturer in Race and Decolonial Studies, and Co-Director of Race.ED Network at the University of Edinburgh. I am the co-founder of the Free Afro-Brazilian University (UNAFRO). I am very passionate in topics related to Black Feminisms, Decoloniality, Queer Studies and subversive language to promote ethics of caring and power to the people.




Dr Katucha Bento

Candomblé Chaplain

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